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Kevin Carlisle is a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Cincinnati, OH who also works semi-professionally as a DJ and photographer. He is the keyboardist for The Hiders and the founder of Goodbye Gemini.

As a musician and engineer, Kevin has recorded numerous albums as both a solo artist and a member of The Plaid, Mickey, Mind's Eye, Goodbye Gemini, and The Hiders.

His DJ work specializes in 80s New Wave and Synth Pop and he was the co-founder of the nightclub alchemize (2004-2008) where he and DJ Brian Drabant started the successful dance night DV80s.

Kevin sells his photography at Wooden Hill in Westwood, Red Tree Gallery in Oakley,  indigenous in O'Bryonville, and online via
his Etsy shop.

More detailed information on Kevin's music can be found here.




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